The Open Educational Resources series collects instructional materials -- from textbooks to syllabi -- by the faculty of the City University of New York. To find works from a specific college or school, browse by Colleges, Schools, Centers.


Works from 2012


Syllabus for URBP 719 Landuse Fall 2012, Laxmi Ramasubramanian


Syllabus for URBP 787.41 Seminar on Public Participation and GIS Fall 2012, Laxmi Ramasubramanian

Works from 2011


Introduction to GIS Using Open Source Software, 1st ed, Frank Donnelly

Lessons from the Maghreb: Exploring a diverse Morocco and Tunisia, Michael J. Miller

Works from 2005

Cross-Disciplinary Prospecting: Educational Technology Offers Up Gold for Library and Information Science Curricula, Michael J. Miller

Works from 2003


"REAL MEN" Curriculum, Jessie Daniels, Ronald Shuler, Nina Aledort, and Nicholas Freudenberg

Works from 1999


How to brief a case, Christopher Pyle, Lloyd Sealy Library, and Katherine Killoran