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Fall 2020


This unit is designed for a Public Speaking course and uses immersive technologies, found as OERs, which bring attention to the needs of Baruch students’ communities. By participating in this unit, students will spend time exploring OERs, and then receive training in video capture and editing tools including 360 cameras and Adobe Premier Pro to produce their own OERs which will be viewed by future classes. They will be partnered with the Baruch Maker Hub to explore how these tools have been used to produce public advocacy campaigns, and then in the classroom they will story board, rehearse and edit their own campaigns. They will then return to the Maker Hub for filming, editing, and viewing their productions. This unit aims to enhance student experiential learning by focusing on doing good in the world, as well as envisioning new career paths. Through engagements, such as this unit, taken early in the undergraduate curriculum, students will know what tools and trainings are available to them. They will gain rudimentary competence in those skills, and may work to overcome the economic divides at Baruch in which students enter college with radically different access to, skill with, and ability to produce using immersive technologies.

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