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Fall 8-1-2017


This course provides an overview of the development of research and theorizing on international communication. In the first half of the semester, we will trace the intellectual trajectory of international communication, covering international development and cultural imperialism. We will critically examine responses to these ideas, including work on the global turn, postcolonial studies, multiple modernities, and hybridity. The second half of the semester will bring these theories to life with case studies of production, distribution, and reception of media and communication from across the globe, covering the Middle East, India, Africa, Asia, and Latin America. These case studies will help students explore relations, connections, exchanges, and entanglements between seemingly regionally and nationally separated media systems that shape the unequal global flows of cultural forms, expressions, and experiences. The course seeks to understand: what is globalization? What are the roles of international/global media of communication in it? What are the forces that are driving it?

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