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Fall 2019


The present study will investigate the perceptions of information professionals about their role in the work of digital humanities scholars, as well as the perceptions of digital humanities scholars on the role of information professionals in their research. While other scholarly literature has considered collaborations between these groups via surveys or interviews with small project teams, the present study will provide a large-scale analysis of collaborations using survey responses from more than 500 scholars, librarians, and archivists. Questions sought to determine the extent to which these groups collaborate with one another on project teams; how these collaborations unfold and who initiates them; whether IPs have begun to adjust and adapt their work to support specific DH projects, or to make their content more appealing and easy for potential future DH projects; and what administrative hurdles are faced during the collaboration. The survey also address how information professionals and DH scholars view the success of the collaboration after completing their work, and whether they intend to collaborate in future. To conclude, the article will consider what these responses tell us about how best to support all members of these collaborations.


Article originally published in Digital Humanities Quarterly:


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