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During the last few years, media have inundated us with bad news about higher education. Whether it is student debt, sexual assaults, or decreased enrollments, colleges and universities seem to be under siege. Add to that the bad press from op-ed writers about political correctness, uselessness of certain degrees, and the fascination with techno- logical fads such as MOOCs, and one can see how controversial higher education has become.

Apparently, someone forgot to ask students what they think.

Now a new national study seems to take care of that. According to a survey conducted with Gallup and Strada Educational Network that drew nearly 90,000 respondents, the quality of the education former students received is not a major concern for most American college goers. This survey shows that four of five respondents who completed a credential or degree program said they received a high-quality education, ranging from 81 percent of vocational or technical credential holders, as well as associate degree holders, to 95 percent among graduate degree holders. Not only that, but 70 percent of respondents who attended college but did not complete said they received a high-quality education.


This work was originally published in The Edwardsville Intelligencer.



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