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Among the unfortunate curses affecting the

image of higher education are the scandals taking

place with unrelenting regularity. Whether

they have to do with athletics, sexual assaults,

murders, cheating, hazing, or corruption, the

media are echoing those scandals, sometimes

in excruciating detail. In some cases, like the

“Sandusky affair” that made headlines for

months and tarnished the reputation of Penn

State University and its renowned football coach

Joe Paterno, these scandals have a lasting effect

on public opinion.

We in academia have always been worried

about the effect of these scandals on an issue

very important to colleges and universities –

enrollment. We have also asked ourselves how

common those scandals are. Now a study recently

published by Harvard University is providing

data corroborating what we feared most, that

scandals are extremely common in higher education

and they are followed by a significant drop

in applications to the institutions involved.



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