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Spring 1-5-2017


This chapter recounts the outcomes and experiences of six American librarians who participated in an international librarian exchange program that ran from spring 2010 through fall 2011. The exchange brought together the City University of New York (CUNY) and two universities in Shanghai, China: Shanghai University (SU) and Shanghai Normal University (SNU). The program was inspired, in part, by recognition of the diversity of CUNY’s student body and growing awareness of the increasing globalization of information and education. For the Chinese librarians, the exchange offered an opportunity to learn from the West and showcase their own innovations. The traveling participants – eight librarians from six of the CUNY colleges and six librarians from SU and SNU – benefited from individual opportunities for learning and the collective development of new visions for academic library services.


This work was originally published in "International Librarianship: Developing Professional, Intercultural, and Educational Leadership," edited by Constantia Constantinou, Michael Miller, and Kenneth Schlesinger.



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