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This collection is comprised of two principle events of Gover’s life. The first was his active duty in the Navy during World War II on a destroyer in the Pacific. This part of the collection consists of correspondence, pictures, scrapbooks, a large portrait, news clippings, and service medals. The second part of this collection is focused on one day, November 22, 1950, when a commuter train Gover was riding was hit from behind by another train going 40 miles per hour. It smashed into and under the rear car sending it into the air. Gover was killed along with 78 other passengers. This accident caused a much needed overhaul of the management and operations of the LIRR. Millions of dollars in damages were eventually paid to the victims and their families. In addition, his widow Kathryn Gover, sued the federal government and won. A copy of the U.S. Congressional House Hearing on the accident is included in the collections. Also in this collection are materials from Thomas M. Owens, a relative of Kathryn Owens Gover. He graduated from the University of Maryland’s Medical School and was a surgeon during the Civil War. This part of the collection includes several medals and framed diplomas.



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