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Following the 1898 Spanish-American War, the Kings County United Spanish War Veterans was founded in 1904, with various posts [Chapters] for the Brooklyn soldiers that fought in the war. These camps were open to all military personnel who served during the Spanish-American War and had either been honorably discharged or continued to serve. In addition, non-military personnel who had served in the war were eligible to join. According to its constitution, the United Spanish War Veterans was created “to unite…all persons who served honorably in the military or naval forces of the United States of America during the war with Spain..” It was also organized to honor the memory of former comrades, assist the families of fallen soldiers, educate people “to the necessity of making provisions for national defense..” and “to promote the best interest of those who participated in the war with Spain..” In regards to the structure of the organization, according to the Proceedings of the Stated Convention of the 44th National Encampment [1942] Pg.6- Sec.17, “Local organizations shall be called Camps; state organizations, Departments; and the national organization, National Encampment.” And as per Pg.6- Sec.16, “Camps shall be numbered by states, and those now in actual existence and active operation shall be given numbers in order of their original formation as former camps or commands…” “Sometimes we refer to the war with Spain as “a vest pocket war.” But the patriotic devotion and sacrifice of the boys who fought that war was not of the vast pocket type…they performed these services without fear and without reserves that in proportion to the need they stood ready to give all they had to their country.”—Proceedings of the New York United Spanish War Veterans Convention [1918] Pp. 183-184.

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