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The work of media scholar, artist, and activist Alexandra Juhasz directly addresses many of the concerns that Lovink and Rossiter raise in the previous two chapters. In this chapter, Juhasz repurposes blog posts about her undergraduate media studies course and “video-book” Learning from YouTube to consider the future of new media scholarship: how academics might write and publish about and in new media. By moving her writing from screen to page, the chapter itself enacts the concerns of circulation, vernacular, standards, and publication at the heart of new media studies projects and the work of writing about them. Juhasz demonstrates and discusses how academic styles, methods, and audiences can adapt in ways that are productive and dynamic. The changing roles that control, knowledge, and reflexivity play for YouTube, Juhasz’s course, and digital culture more generally are central frames for the chapter, as Juhasz thinks through what her own experience teaching with and writing about YouTube suggests for the future of digital humanities.


This chapter was originally published in The International Encyclopedia of Media Studies, edited by Angharad N. Valdivia.



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