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Background: Among the foreign-born in the United States (US) dietary acculturation and eating out may increase obesity risk. Using the 2004 (N = 1952) and 2013/14 (N = 1481) New York City (NYC) Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys, we compared for the foreign-born and US-born by survey year: 1) odds of obesity; 2) association between eating out and obesity and 3) effect of age at arrival and duration of residence among the foreign-born. Weighted logistic regression estimated odds of obesity.

Results: Compared to the US-born, the foreign-born had lower odds of obesity in 2004, (aOR = 0.51 (95%CI 0.37– 0.70), P =

Conclusions: Eating out does not explain increasing obesity odds among the foreign-born.


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