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Background and objectives: Pediatric settings often use a patient-centered medical home model in caring for patients in the outpatient setting and for attempting to connect inpatient care with outpatient followup. This medical home model has proven to be beneficial in many aspects of patient care, but there needs to be a good transition between inpatient and outpatient services. Our goal in this study is to determine the association of particular variables with adherence to outpatient follow-up after a general inpatient stay, in the pediatric population.

Methods: In a retrospective sample of 221 patients, we study the association of variables such as demographics, medical history, hospital discharge and appointments, and caregiver information, with patient adherence to outpatient appointments after discharge from pediatric inpatient treatment.

Results: We found that increased length of hospital stay and a non English-speaking caregiver were each associated with increased odds for adherence. Discharge diagnosis of respiratory illness and that of neurology/psychiatry/toxicology were associated with decreased odds for adherence. None of the demographic and medical history variables were associated with adherence.

Conclusions: Our findings offer guidance to clinicians for the types of patients who may need closer follow-up and interventions set in place to remind these patients of the importance of attending an outpatient appointment.


This work was originally published in International Journal of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, available at

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