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This paper presents a review of literature for the evaluation of use of electronic resources and services in Academic libraries. E-metrics and similar methods for evaluation are discussed in detail. The paper highlights how some libraries approached e-metrics to start useful evaluations and dealt with technicalities to achieve better decision making for e-collection, services and infrastructure for their library users. The evaluation of use of e-resources and services is discussed in five parts explaining application of e-metrics, different methods to capture usage data in different settings, types of data requirement by libraries, complexities and technicalities involved in measurement of usage statistics and why such evaluation is significant for libraries. A model is designed and highlighted and recommendations are given to initiate an evaluation and assessment plan which will lead to evidenced based and better decision making concerning electronic resources and services


This work was originally published in the Journal of Library Administration and Management Section (JLAMS), a peer- reviewed journal of the New York Library Association.



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