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Spring 5-1-2014


This paper presents a process on making electronic databases functional on the library website for on and off campus access for optimum use. It covers the steps after the price, license terms and conditions are finalized between library and vendor and the decision is made by library and subject experts to subscribe or purchase the database. The operational workflow steps can be challenging for new professionals when implementing it for the first time. The step by step approach provided in this paper is meant to help new professionals in strategic planning, organizing the structure and management of library databases provision, along with providing an operational workflow for successfully mounting electronic databases and open access electronic resources on the library website. The operational steps include gathering necessary access information from vendor, local branding, creating metadata, enhancing discovery and access points, setting up access authentication, updating link resolver service and journal portal, testing, anticipated maintenance and delivery of subscribed electronic database and open access electronic resources on the library website.


This work was originally published in the Journal of Library Administration and Management Section (JLAMS), a peer- reviewed journal of the New York Library Association.



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