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Summer 8-25-2017


Scientific funding within the academy is an often complicated affair involving disparate and competing interests. Private universities, for instance, are vastly outpacing public institutions in garnering large, prestigious grants. Inequities also extend to the kinds of research funded, with government, corporate, and even military interests privileging certain types of inquiry. This work proposes an innovative type of research fund using cryptocurrencies, a fast-growing asset class. Although not a total funding solution, staking coins, specifically, can be strategically invested in to yield compound interest. These coins use masternode technologies to collateralize the network and speed transaction pace. Additionally, these staking coins pay dividends to masternode holders, so an institution that purchases these types of central hubs could potentially engage in a lucrative form of dividend reinvestment. Using cryptocurrencies as a new funding stream, it is possible that simply garnering large amounts of capital and creating a nonprofit institute could also be the future of funding scientific research


This article was originally published in LEDGER: The Journal of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology Research, available at DOI 10.5915/LEDGER.2017.108.

This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.



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