CCNY Antiwar Notices

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Political pamphlet with subtitle: An open letter to Secretary Cordell Hull and the Pan American Conference of Foreign Ministers. Addition signees: Walter B. Cannon; Dr. J. McKeen Cattell; Dr. Henry S. Coffin; Robert L. Hale; Dr. Robert S. Lynd; Helen Merrell Lynd; Charles M. McConn; Dr. Kirtley F. Mather; Clyde R. Miller; S.A. Mitchell; Dr. Roscoe Pulliam; Walter Rautenstrauch; Harlow Shapley; L.J. Stadler; Dr. Ordway Tead; Dr. Randall Thompson; Harold C. Urey; Carleton Washburne; Dr. Mary E. Woolley. 4 pages. Student Publications: The Campus Newspaper Collection


Student Publications: The Campus Newspaper Collection, Division of Archives and Special Collections, Morris R. Cohen Library, City College of New York (CUNY): Box 8.4.4/2; Anti-war and Anti-fascist Publications and Notices, 1934-1939. Contact Chief Archivist, Professor Sydney Van Nort,



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