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Cutzamala system is the most important hydraulic work that the Mexico State had provided to Mexico’s center region; its objective is the water supply with at least 16 m3/s to the country’s capital, since 1974. The system consist of Tuxpan and El Bosque dams, both located in Michoacán State, and Ixtapan del Oro, Villa Victoria, Valle de Bravo, Chilesdo and Colorines dams located in Mexico State; each one belong to Cutzamala River Basin. At the Institute of Engineering of the National Autonomous University of Mexico studies have been done since the mid-90s of last century in order to obtain optimal operation rules of several reservoirs. In this study monthly operating policies for three of the most important dams of the system: El Bosque, Valle de Bravo and Villa Victoria, which operate in parallel, were obtained to supply the growing demand of water for various uses. Evolutionary algorithms were used, specifically Genetic Algorithms, to evaluate the objective function which aims to maximize the extraction volume, and minimize, by imposing penalties, the presence of spills and deficits in the dams. The operation of the parallel dams system with the rules defined was done using the historical record entry volumes from 1994 to 2011.


Session S7-02, Special Session: Optimizing Short Term Reservoir Operations II



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