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In Korea repeatedly experiences floods and droughts that cause traumatic environmental conditions with huge economic impact. With an approach and solution such as Smart Water Grid these problems can be alleviated. Tapping into the retention ponds behind dams, rainfall harvest facilities in urban areas and any other structures installed to store rainfall water during flood events will mitigate the damage of flooding and provide a new source of national water resources. Similarly, purified waste water, ground water and desalinated sea water can also feasible to use as alternative water resources. In this study, the water balance assessment model is being developed as a Smart Water Grid research. In fact, large proportions of water resources in Korea rely on a river fresh water. Also in the Youngjongdo island, tap water from water purification plant which use original source from the Han river. However the water supply system in the island is quite dangerous since the water purification plant is located in Incheon city and the water comes to island through the sea and no other source is used in the island. Therefore, once the accident at main water pipe in the sea, no water is available in this island. Information on water availability and water needs are crucial to identify hot spots of quantitative pressures on water resources. In this study, all available alternative water sources are calculated by the model developed through this study. Several physical and stochastic models on hydraulic and hydrological approaches to investigate physical characteristics of catchments. Achknowledgement This research was supported by a grant (12-TI-C01) from Advanced Water Management Research Program funded by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Korean government.


Session R31, Hydrologic Modeling: Catchment and Runoff Computations



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