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The WDNetXL system ( is aimed at promoting transfer of research achievements in water distribution network (WDN) analysis, planning and management to practitioners, students and researchers. In order to facilitate the technology transfer, the WDNetXL functions are integrated into the worldwide known MS-Excel data-management environment. Advanced hydraulic modeling and topological analyses of WDN are combined with efficient optimization strategies to make readily available the latest, even customized, decision support tools for planning and management of WDNs. All these features make WDNetXL of practical support for technicians as well as a privileged platform to test innovations coming from research in WDN analysis, planning and management area. This, contribution illustrates the WDNetXL research transfer paradigm and its architecture, providing also few details about the main advancements in WDN analysis, which represents the primary support for engineers’ activities and the base component for other functions.


Session R09, Web-based Simulation and Training Environments



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