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There is a growing need for consistency across the publishing, discovering, integrating and access to scientific datasets, such as water quality data. Such datasets may have varying formats and service interfaces. The Network Common Data Form (NetCDF) is both a software package and a data format for producing array-oriented scientific data, which is commonly used to exchange data, including water quality data. NetCDF datasets are also published through service interfaces using the THREDDS data server. Alternatively water quality datasets can be encoded with standard XML formats such as WaterML 2.0, which can be published with services such as the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) community's Web Feature Service interface standard (WFS). However, appropriate interpretation of the content, discovery and interoperability of data depends on common models, schemas and vocabularies, though these may not always be available. Using the water quality vocabulary we have developed, formalized using the Resource Description Framework (RDF) language, and published as Linked Data, we demonstrate the use of such standard vocabularies in existing data services for providing service capability metadata. We also present methods for augmenting existing metadata fields for water quality data specifically in formats such as NetCDF, WaterML 2.0 using standard vocabularies. We show how using standard vocabularies that are encoded and published using semantic technologies can enhance discovery, integration and access to existing data services delivering water quality datasets.


Session S4-01, Special Session: Metadata for Discovering and Integration of Data and Models



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