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We present the design, implementation and operational use of a short-term optimization approach for the operational water management of the Twentekanalen canal system for navigation and water resources management. The system was originally designed for navigation and its construction had been completed in 1938. In the past decades, it also became increasingly important for the regional water management. In summer periods, the system provides the region with fresh water and helps to drain the area otherwise. The short-term optimization is implemented in the Operational Monitoring System for the National Regulated Water Systems for advising the operating staff on the operation of the related hydraulic structures. An important goal for the operators is to maintain water levels on set point for navigation and water management purposes at minimum operating costs at which lock operation for navigation has the highest priority, and control structures have a limited operating range. The short-term optimization approach integrates observations from a gauge network and weather forecasts to calculate the best use of pumps and sluices. This best use is based on the current pump and orifice operation, an expertise developed during decades of use. The approach anticipates future inflow and lock operation, which both have a large impact on the water balance and contain related uncertainties. The future inflow in the canal sections is calculated by a rainfall-runoff model, which uses observed and forecast precipitation and evaporation. Future lock operation is estimated based on the operators’ expertise. We discuss the practical application of the approach in the operational context.


Session S7-01, Special Session: Optimizing Short Term Reservoir Operations I



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