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Water quality at some bathing waters can be adversely affected by heavy rainfall resulting in water running off the land, picking up faecal contaminants from the catchment and discharging this to bathing waters. The Environment Agency of England and Wales analyzed the relationship between water quality and rainfall at each bathing site. This relationship between rainfall and water quality depends on the intensity and duration of the rainfall and considering each bathing sites individual characteristics such as tidal flows, wind, run-off from surrounding catchment. This paper describes a Pilot study for setting up an operational bathing water quality prediction system for England and Wales using Delft-FEWS undertaken during the bathing period between June and September 2013. Around 30 bathing sites were selected for this pilot study. Each bathing site is associated with a rain gauge measurement station. The water quality at bathing site is considered low risk if the rainfall intensity at associated rain gauge station is below a trigger amount in last 24 and 48 hours and increased risk if the trigger is exceeded. The prediction of water quality at each bathing sites is then issued every morning at 10 am BST for a period for next 24 hours.


Session R68, Early Warning and Nowcasting Approaches for Water Quality in Riverine and Coastal Systems



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