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Usage of water is on rise worldwide as a result of population growth and urbanization. Accordingly, conflicts are created to secure the water source among nations. Water production and treatment expense also incurred too much. To solve this problem, decision making system for blending of multiple water source, water production and treatment process are needed in order to provide secured water resources, customized water quantity and quality. Multiple water sources are classified into surface water, underground water, treated waste water, rain water, seawater and Brackish Water. Each of them can be treated to meet demand of customized water quantity and quality such as drinking water, industrial water and agricultural water. At Micro Grid, decision making system for water treatment process has three steps. First is the water blending decision making program to make best decisions on type, quantity and quality of water by anticipating energy consumption and fluctuating water quantity and quality. Second of all, we provide a process operational program that allows us to assess the quantity and quality of produced water, operating and controlling each process to produce customized water that meets our clients’ needs. Last step is that we conduct the process diagnosis program which can lead solutions and alternatives for errors that can arise during detailed process phases since we are fully capable of measuring quality and quantity of water .Those are set by both water treatment process and application of the formula which is generated by the nonlinear equation on influence factors during each unit process. Achknowledgement This research was supported by a grant (12-TI-C01) from Advanced Water Management Research Program funded by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Korean government.


Session R69, Water Distribution Networks: Treatment and Resource Allocations



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