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Controlling the evolution of a reservoir in a flood episode can be critical, especially in Mediterranean basins where the concentration time is very short. In this situation, an automatic software tool can help the reservoir manager to make a quick decision. In this paper we present a DSS based on the execution of formal models by means of model checking. This technique exhaustively explores the different execution branches of a model of the system. The DSS addresses two flood control tasks. First, the DSS simulates the evolution of the reservoir (the water stored and released) when applying a predefined flood control strategy. Second, and probably the most important task, the DSS generates, in a short time, new flood control strategies based on a prediction of the water inflow and the goals and constraints imposed by the dam manager. This task is associated with the concept of risk in its technical sense; that is, the probability of occurrence of an extreme event and the damage cost associated. The DSS returns a set of maneuvers over the dam gates that control the evolution of the dam level following the goals and constrains imposed by the dam manager. Currently, the DSS includes hybrid model of a specific dam located in the city of Marbella. This model describes the continuous discharge curves and the discrete opening degrees of the dam gates. Other models of Andalusian dams will be included soon. In addition, there are discrete models of two flood control strategies (Dordogne and MEV) that can be applied. Moreover in order to generate new strategies, the DSS uses a non-deterministic model that simulates the dam manager. We present some case studies where we evaluate the performance of the tool and the suitability of the control strategies generated for different historical flood episodes.


Session S8-01, Flood Control through Use of Water Reservoirs I



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