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In the past, the public struggled to stand long hours and travelling long distances to pay watebills in Uganda urban centres. This made people become reluctant to pay for water bills leading to continious water cut offs and loosing trust in the National Water and Sewerage Cooperation in Uganda. The use of mobile money technology has changed and made access to water in the urban centres more effective and efficiency. The convenience of MTN Mobile money to the public came as a real time solution and has eliminated delays in updating customer accounts as well as reduce on the physical movements and long distances to pay bills and check account balance. The public are now finding payment of bills so simple; they can keep their accounts up-to-date and never get disconnected. Uganda National Water and Sewerage Cooperation in collaboration with the MTN has made a tremendous work although there is great need for government to reduce on the water tarrifs which were recently increased in the 2013/204 and will lead to reduction of people who can have access to water. There need for NGOs and andn other CSO to become the voice for the voiceless to see that water the current increased prices i,e 2,258 Uganda shillings for domestic use is reduced.


Session R71, Water Resources and Economics I



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