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The manuscript describes the decision support tool for design and hydraulic reliability assessment of water distribution networks. The reliability analyses that have been conducted on geometric-, hydraulic- and economic grounds all reflect the complexity of network resilience that is still difficult to generalise or classify, as well as it is impossible to asses without full integration of all three aspects. The tool that aims to achieve this integration processes a preselected seed of network sources and (demand) nodes prepared in EPANET without any pipe connection. It is composed of the modules for generation of various connectivity layouts by applying the principles of graph theory, their filtering and network initialisation, and standard single objective GA-optimisation based on the least-cost selection of diameters. Furthermore, the network diagnostics will be conducted for all generated layouts, as well as the network resilience will be assessed by applying an index developed based on the pressure driven demand calculations, and also compared with the resilience indices of Todini and Prasad and Park, known from the literature. The computations can be done for a sequence of networks of virtually unlimited number and size and in different configurations. Moreover, the tool can also focus to a single network providing a deeper analysis of multiple design scenarios where the severity of the calamity in terms of the loss of demand and spatial coverage will be pinpointed. The tool has been illustrated on a design example of 50-node network analysing 13,000 generated layouts for the selected demand distribution, in one go. The diagrams will show the results for all the networks, presenting the network resilience against the total cost that includes investment, operation and maintenance, leaving a freedom to the user to decide about the final layout.


Session R51, Water Distribution Networks: Design Criteria



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