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Urban drainage systems are affected by various regional characteristics such as sewer properties, misaligned connections, manhole ground level, and design flood stage at outlet. Therefore, combinatorial characteristic of selecting optimal location of storage facilities from many candidate locations gets even more complicated and becomes a challenging task. The process of selection is conducted using system analyses to address the effects that provide for high efficiency and low damage. This paper focuses on developing an optimal design model for determination of the storage reservoir locations considering regional importance. For cases of urban inundation, importance of flooded region considering the damage needs to be included in the determination of reservoir locations. A multi-dimensional flood damage analysis is employed for each important basin, where the higher the calculated cost of damage obtained by this method, the more important it is and thus, the greater the need for installation of a reservoir to prevent flooding. Flooding damage costs according to overflow volume were obtained by repeated precipitation-runoff analyses with overflow depth calculations. The depth calculation and a damage function analysis are combined using the multi-dimensional method and applied to urban watersheds in Korea. In conclusion, the approach of this paper can be considered as a methodology for the determination of storage reservoir location to reduce inland flooding and damage.


Session R61, Reservoir Operations and Management II



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