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The value of actual irrigated area is an important indicator of irrigation water management, but due to wide space range of irrigated district, ground manual monitoring is very difficult to achieve. Remote sensing methods have a wide rapid coverage, high efficiency, real-time, objective and other advantages, which can be used to solve the difficulties in monitoring irrigated area. In this paper, a remote sensing monitoring method of irrigated area based on modified perpendicular drought index (MPDI) is researched and the differential thresholds for distinguishing irrigation are analyzed and proposed. The method was applied to 5 rounds of actual irrigated area monitoring in Hetao irrigated district, inner Monglia, China., using the satellite images of HJ1A/1B CCD, China, and verified by ground tests. The results show that the method is of high precision, and can provide help for enhancing the management level of irrigated districts.


Session R76, Use of Remote Sensing Techniques



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