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This study aims at developing the decision support system (DSS) for safety warning of bridge. In the DSS, real-time and forecasted radar rainfalls are used to predict flood stage, velocity and scouring depth around bridge piers for one to three hours ahead. The techniques adopted in the DSS include (1) measurement and correction models of radar rainfall, (2) a grid-based distributed rainfall-runoff model for simulating reservoir inflows, (3) models for predicting flood stages, velocities and scouring depths around bridge piers, and (4) ultimate analysis approaches for evaluating safety of pier foundation. The DSS can support the management department to decide whether they should close bridges or not during floods. The proposed DSS gave a test-run during Typhoon Morakot in 2009 in Dajia River Basin, central Taiwan. The results show the DSS has reasonable performances during floods.


Session R38, Decision Support and Information Systems for Flood Events



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