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The research is dedicated to modeling of flood routing through Da Chao Shan Hydropower water reservoir, which is located in Yunnan province on Lancang River (upper flow of Mekong River). The water reservoir is operating in conditions of torrential rain floods, which can not be forecasted in good time. Therefore it is necessary to consider the flood routing through dam with condition of storage water reservoir corresponding to Normal reservoir level before catastrophic flood. The main aim of the work is development of model which allows consider the different scenarios of drafts from water reservoir and flooding the territory. The modeling of hydrograph of dangerous floods was made with help of long time observed data on the river Mekong . The observed data were adapted to watershed of Da Chao Shan by special methods. A decrease of maximum discharges and water velocity occurs for the account of spillway construction. Water velocities and aeration over the four steps along the stepped spillway face were measured in the dam natural conditions respecting of usual floods. Physical model of the stepped spillway has been made in laboratory on the base of natural measurements. The obtained parameters with help of physical and mathematical models of stepped spillway and flood routing have not big differences. Then physical model was used in conditions of catastrophic floods. The obtained results have gave possibility to define more precisely some parameters of mathematical model of flood routing through water reservoir dam with stepped spillway. The mathematical model has allowed determine hydraulic characteristics of flow and flooding territory after dam.


Session S8-02, Flood Control through Use of Water Reservoirs II



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