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In most of the developed world, water resources data, including both water quality and quantity, has been collected for decades. Such datasets are often used to calibrate water resources models that in turn are capable of producing large amounts of data useful for activities such as forecasting and risk analysis. Like many other domains (e.g., finance, marketing, etc.), significant education, extension, and policy making benefits may be had by building data analytics tools to derive knowledge from these datasets. The knowledge thus available may be turned into intelligence by policy makers and may also be used to enhance environmental education among an area’s stakeholders. Modern information technology infrastructure and development in GIS have eliminated several hindrances that have plagued such endeavors in the past. Using web-GIS based methods we have developed a portal that may be used to visualize and derive knowledge from some of the dataset collected for the Occoquan Reservoir and its tributary watershed in Northern Virginia, USA. The portal is interactive and may be useful for local stakeholders to retrieve near real time data from several sampling stations in the region. At the same time, the design also allows for environmental education of the user. In addition, the portal enables data curation, collects data from several sources in a single database, and provide tools to analyze data irregularities in massive real-time datasets, essential for data managers.


Session S1-05, Special Sympoisum: Real-time Modeling Projects and Case Studies



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