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A big amount of towns within the Moscow region are located downstream of the water reservoirs and territories of the towns are covered by water during catastrophic floods. At present in world practice quite successfully are used HEC – RAS technologies for prediction of flooding areas. Accordingly the main aim of the research is assessment of usability HEC – RAS technology in conditions of spring floods for the Moscow region. The aim has required of solving of next problems: 1. 1. Determination of spring flood hydrograph respecting of normative probability. 2. 2. Calculation of drafts from water reservoir through spillway. 3. 3. Research of riverbed characteristics downstream. 4. 4. Modeling of flood routing of drafts from water reservoir downstream. 5. 5. Verification of the model. 6. 6. Assessment of the flooding area downstream. Water reservoir on the river Ruza was chosen by object of research. Calculation of the flood hydrograph was made on the base of long time series of observed data according to normative Russian method. Calculation of drafts from water reservoir through spillway was made according methods of the approximate integration on the base of data about flood hydrograph, morphometric water reservoir characteristics and spillway parameters. Standard program of HEC – RAS technologies was used for modeling of flood routing downstream. The model verified by using observed data. The result gives the possibility to determine the canal morphometric characteristics and the territory covered by water during catastrophic flood.


Session S8-02, Flood Control through Use of Water Reservoirs II



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