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We are now developing a smart water meter dedicated to smart water grid systems. The primary goal of our reseach is to make the smart water meters with higher precision compared with typical water meters. For instance, the range of the allowable measurement errors for the flow rate in the lower zone of the second level precision water meter is set to +-5% by the Korea Standard. However, with ours the range is decreased to +- 3% for the same condition. Therefore it is necessary to build a high precision test method and the related equipment for evaluating the performance of our developing water meters. Both the international standards, ISO-4063-3 and OIML-R049-2 specifications, define the performance tests that are intended to verify that water meters with electronic devices perform and functions as intended in a specified environment and under specified conditions.However, most of the test equipments in Korea does not satisfy completely both of the international standards. In addition, they opt to adopt volumetric measurement method instead of mass measurement method which typically induces a better result for the uncertainty in measurement. In this paper, we present a test method with the mass measurement system. Reference water flow will be measured as a mass by using the load cell. Each smart water meter sends the massured flow reguarly to the centralized system through Zigbee communication protocol. We expect that our proposed test method and equipment fully satisfies the Korea standard as well as both of the international standards.


Session S1-04, Special Sympoisum: Real-time Monitoring of Urban Water Systems



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