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This study developed a decision making frame for climate change adaptation strategies under an uncertain environment. We developed a VIKOR-based procedure, providing a compromise solution with the objective weights of multiple climate change scenarios. We chose a watershed in South Korea and established adaptation alternatives of using the effluents of wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) in potential sub-watersheds to improve the water quantity and quality situations. Under multiple climate scenarios, the environmental and hydrologic responses of treated wastewater (TWW) use were determined with a hydrologic model and the results were used to derive the sustainability scores of TWW reuse. Finally, sustainability scores under multiple scenarios were integrated using the VIKOR and the objective weights among the climate change scenarios, and the final decision for adaptation strategies were made. This framework can be a very effective decision making tool for climate change adaptation strategies as it consider not only uncertainties but also the relative importance of various climate change scenarios.


Session R66, Hydrology and Climate Change II



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