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Urban water supplies need to be ingeniously managed as a result of urbanisation and diminishing dam yield reliability. The advanced management of urban water consumption is deemed essential to maintain a sustainable water future. Understanding how, when and why water is used is vital for managing demand in cost-effective and equitable ways. Detailed knowledge on the quantities of water used in different circumstances gives critical knowledge for forecasting water and planning for water security (Stewart et al., 2010; 2011). Current intelligent water metering systems allow for the high resolution time series reading of water consumption (Beal et al. 2011). Such a high resolution of data is necessary to classify flow patterns into each and every water end-use event in the household in a particular recording period (i.e. tap, clothes washer, shower, etc.). However, the present water end-use classification techniques require extensive use of human resource to collect a combination of water use behaviours and appliance/fixture stock inventory data through a household audit followed by 2-3 hours of analyst time for each home (Stewart et al., 2010). The aim of the project is to develop an autonomous and intelligent system for residential water end-use classification, customer feedback and enhanced urban water management, which could interface with customers and water business managers via a web-portal to computer or mobile phone applications.


Session R58, Water Distribution Networks: Leak Detection II



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