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Monitoring devices installed in a huge system like a water network imply a high cost. This cost includes installation and maintenance. Thus the placement of these devices must be optimal. The optimal sensor placement is an issue that comes up in many innovation projects in water networks. The use of models even if the final application does not use them may be crucial in such process. Nevertheless the optimality of the placement may depend highly on the final use of these sensors. In general a better placement may imply a more specific use of the information. This work studies the dependence of sensor placement on the functional orientation of the cost function. Two main applications leak localisation and demand calibration is taken into account. These two applications are related as leaks and demands have a similar but not identical behaviour. In order to establish how sensors may be used for multiple purposes keeping an optimal location different optimisation strategies are tested. The sensor distribution becomes a multiobjective optimisation problem.


Session R53, Water Distribution Networks: Operations and Sensor Placement



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