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Gay literature, teen literature, coming of age


My Master's Thesis is an analysis and overview that will explore the evolution of Young Adult (YA) Gay literature from 1969 to the present. It will explore the impact this genre has had on the LGBTQ community, the gradual societal shifts in attitudes towards homosexuals, the reciprocal influence within the scope of Queer Theory, and the importance as a relevant literary genre.

YA gay literature has influenced many segments of American mainstream society through heartrending stories dealing with themes about coming out, acceptance, bullying, violence, isolation, guilt, shame, and countless other negative experiences gay people have lived through on a daily basis.

Fortunately there has been a gradual shift over the last four decades towards more acceptance and the inclusion of the gay community into mainstream America. Numerous gay rights groups, individual gay advocates, and the genre of YA Gay literature have slowly educated people to be more empathetic and tolerant. YA gay literature has been instrumental in helping LGBTQ teenagers to realize they are not alone in their journey; that they are normal people with the same hopes and dreams as their heterosexual counterparts.


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