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RctB, protein purification, crystallography


Vibrio cholerae, a member of the Vibrionaceae family, is notorious as the causative agent of acute gastrointestinal disease known as cholera. Genetic information in members of the Vibrionaceae family is distributed between two chromosomes that are distinctively maintained. In V. cholerae, the initiation of DNA replication in each chromosome involves distinct processes. While the initiation of replication of chromosome I is carried by DnaA, the initiation of chromosome II replication is controlled by RctB, a DNA-binding protein that is an exclusive attribute of all Vibrio species. RctB has no homologs among other members of bacteria proteins and can serve as a target for designs of Vibrio-specific antibacterial medications. Elucidation of the molecular structure of RctB will facilitate the development of such medications. In this report, we describe results of several experiments that involve the growth of protein crystals for future X-ray crystallography studies aiming to disclose the structural components of RctB.

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