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International Relations

First Advisor

Jacques Fomerand

Second Advisor

Jeffrey Kucik


globalization; tourism; poverty alleviation; sustainable development, favela; rural tourism; indigenous rights.


Globalization is a popular concept deeply embedded in our era that represents the widespread intensification of transnational connections emblematic of this century. In general, this study aims to clarify the contradictory effects globalization exerts on development by specifically analyzing the particular impact of tourism in the emerging economy of Brazil. It is argued that the unequal distribution of tourism activities between urban and rural areas, and the prevalence of specific sizes and types of tourism are the main factors involved in sustaining unequal patterns of development across the country. The study concludes that public-private partnerships in tourism should prioritize the needs of local people over those of the global market and encourages future investments in small-scale tourism initiatives that integrate local groups in the management of tourism activities.



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