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Ahmed Mohamed

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Roger Dorsinville


Controlled, Powers, Rectifier


The MTA New York City Transit (MTA-NYCT) will require a robust and reconfigurable power system capable of supplying high power in order to be able to provide services based on for cased future forecast growth of the city population. A critical component in such a system is the Phase Controlled Rectifier. As such, the issues associated with the inclusion of a power electronics rectifier need to be addressed. These issues include input Alternating Current (AC) interface requirements, the output Direct Current (DC) load profile, and overall stability in the output voltage for Train car loads.

Understanding these issues, providing possible solutions and determining the means of assuring smooth compatibility with MTA New York City Transit (MTA-NYCT) Traction Power systems is the focus of this thesis.

By using a Simulink® model of an actual MTA-NYCT Traction Power System, actual train car load, 12 -Pulse count, high power rectifiers were exercised. The Simulink® results are compared between the Traction Power Systems of Uncontrolled Rectifier and Controlled Rectifier analysis results.

In subway normal operation hour, with uncontrolled rectifier systems, subway cars load current level are 2800 Amps to 3600 Amps, and Voltage level 450 VDC to 600 VDC in running condition. In this Simulation, with controlled rectifier system, subway cars load current level are 3200 Amps to 4000 Amps, and Voltage level 550 VDC to 625 VDC established.

These experiments led to the conclusion that increasing the continuous current and the overall stability in the output voltage, reducing the harmonics, there are tradeoffs in terms of complexity and size of the passive components, and optimization based on source and load specifications is also required. i



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