Dissertations and Theses

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Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Masahiro Kawaji

Second Advisor

Feridun Delale


Subcooled flow boiling, Annular flow channel, Elevated pressure


An experimental setup was developed to study the region of subcooled flow boiling. Multiple studies were carried out to investigate the effects of liquid velocity, pressure, and temperature on the boiling heat transfer of subcooled fluid flowing through a heated annular channel. Water was used as the working fluid and principle of Ohmic heating was used to raise water temperature. The system pressure, heat flux, & mass flux ranged from 101 to 912 kPa, 19 to 155 kW/m2, and 83 to 332 kg/m2-s, respectively. This report contains boiling curves, heat transfer coefficients of various studies and a description of the experimental setup.



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