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International Relations

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Jean Krasno

Second Advisor

Kimberley Gamble-Payne


women, global, leader, international, government, female


“Emergent Women’s Global Political Leadership: Progress Despite Constraints” seeks to trace why and how female political leaders emerge at the global level. Evidence points to certain cultural factors, often expressed by laws, constraining or supporting women as they seek political advancement. Data shows women leaders are emerging more and more, though slowly, as political leaders around the world. Reviewing women’s participation and representation regionally and nationally in parliaments, as ministers, and as heads of governments and states confirms that women can and do emerge as political leaders. Finally, learning about and examining women leaders themselves, their style and substance, proves invaluable to understanding why and how women leaders emerge, despite the intricate and extensive complexity of constraints. Doing so also increases the visibility and value of women in the international arena and compels further research regarding women’s global political leadership: its constraints, progress, and success.



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