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This article presents an improved algorithm for optimization and development of a digital bathymetric model (DBM) for Lake Azuei (LA) (Haiti) and Lake Enriquillo (LE) (Dominican Republic) using the ANUDEM method. Both sonar data and contour lines of the lakes’ layout extracted using Landsat imagery were compiled for bathymetry development. We show that the performance of the ANUDEM method was strongly dependent on the density and irregularity of the spatial distribution of the data. Changing the resolution of the output grids and deriving auxiliary topographically corrected contours improved the ANUDEM performance and minimized the systematic errors of the method. Statistical analysis showed no significant difference between measured and interpolated depths, characterized by a root mean square error of less than 0.71 m (LE) and 0.96 m (LA), and a median difference of −0.009 m (LE) and 0.012 m (LA) on average. The shape reliability analysis revealed a relationship between accuracy and the depth and slope values, increasing in the center of the lakes where they are deep and the slope is gentle.


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