Center for LGBTQ Studies (CLAGS)

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Summer 1999


I'm thrilled and honored to be succeeding Jill Dolan as Executive Director of CLAGS. Thanks to Jill and to Marty Duberman before her—and to all past and current Board members and to the miracle-working staff—CLAGS is a secure and solid institution. Let me quickly explain what I mean by 'institution' for it is a word I don't always use comfortably as it tends to conjure in my bohemian brain images of stuffiness and caution, bureaucratic stasis and lumbering loss of purpose. That's the last thing CLAGS has become. On the contrary, CLAGS remains lively, responsive, provocative, and ever self-critical.


This article was originally published in CLAGSNews, vol. 9, no. 1.



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