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Lisa C. Moore

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Spring 2009


How gratifying to see a packed house on October 14, 2008 for a discussion of Reclamation: The Value of Black Gay Writing! Co-sponsored by CLAGS and Freedom Train Productions (, the panel of scholars—Terry Rowden, Professor of African-American Literature, College of Staten Island (CUNY), Jafari Sinclaire Allen, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and African-American Studies/American Studies, Yale University, La Marr Jurelle Bruce, Ph.D. student, African-American/American Studies, Yale University—and me, publisher Lisa C. Moore (Redbone Press) came to discuss the impact of black gay writers on the community and academia... and to bear witness, reclaim and critique the work within the first two black gay men's anthologies, In the Life: A Black Gay Anthology (Joseph Beam, ed.) and Brother to Brother: New Writings by Black Gay Men (Essex Hemphill, ed.).


This article was originally published in CLAGSNews, vol. 19, no. 3.



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