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Summer 2008




IWHR interns who contributed to our work on the General Comment include Monika Kirenga, Christina Martin, Cynthia Pierce and Lara Rabiee. I am also most grateful for the contributions of Felice Gaer, Patricia Sellers, Lorena Fries, Judith Lewis Herman, Ximena Bunster and Sir Nigel Rodley to my thinking about this subject; for the research assistance of Lindsey Jennifer Blank and Bradley Parker on this Article as well as the eleventh hour rescue by Lisa Davis, former editor-in-chief and organizer of this Symposium; and, for assistance in the preparation of this Article, the current Law Review board. I also want to acknowledge the contributions of the CUNY faculty seminar that discussed a draft of this Article and the Professional Staff Congress (PSC) CUNY Research Foundation which supported research for my original work on domestic violence and torture between l992-93, infra note 14, and additional research on this Article.

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