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Winter 2020


The author thanks Julisa Perez and the other student activists and youth leaders with IntegrateNYC and Teens Take Charge for sharing their stories and showing tremendous courage and leadership throughout this chapter of New York City’s segregation crisis. The author also thanks Phil Desgranges, Nicole Triplett, Rashida Richardson, Toni Smith-Thompson, and Kerrel Murray for their insights and for serving as thought partners on the difficult questions regarding racial justice in history and in the future. The author thanks Shyenne Medina, Mira de Jong, and the rest of the staff of the CUNY Law Review for their meticulous work, thoughtful contributions, and limitless patience. Finally, the author thanks his endlessly supportive wife, Megan Byrne, for her feedback, opinions, brilliance, and patience during this writing process and each en-deavor the author has pursued over the years.

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