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From the Editor’s Desk: Shut it Down (p. 2)

Adjunct Layoffs on the Horizon: Effects of Paterson’s Budget Cuts Continue to Reverberate through CUNY Schools (p. 3)

CUNY News in Brief: NYU-CUNY Financial Aid Partnership a Fraud (p. 3)

Grad Life: Debting on the Future. Justin Rogers-Cooper (p. 4)

Political Analysis: In Midnight’s Shadow. Danny Nassre (p. 5)

Adjuncting: Budget Cuts. Tuition Hikes. Job Insecurity. Renée McGarry and Jesse Goldstein (p. 7)

Afghanistan: The Use and Abuse of a Buffer State, Part 1. Christian Parenti (p. 8)

Masthead (p. 2)

Advocate Books Issue

Bolaño’s Inferno. Review of 2666 by Roberto Bolaño and Natasha Wimmer (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2008). Tim Krause (p. 11)

Social Justice and the Inner City School. Review of City Kids, City Schools: More Reports from the Front Row by William Ayers, et al. (New Press, 2008). Sarah Outterson (p. 13)

Supreme Right (and Wrong). Review of The Next Twenty-Five Years: The Supreme Court and What it Means for Americans by Martin Garbus (Seven Stories, 2007). C.A. Evans (p. 15)

Marcus Garvey and Black Solidarity in the 21st Century. Reviews of Negro With a Hat: The Rise and Fall of Marcus Garvey by Colin Grant (Oxford University Press, 2008); Grassroots Garveyism: The Universal Negro Improvement Association in the Rural South, 1920-1927 (Univ. of North Carolina Press, 2007); and We Who Are Dark: The Philosophical Foundations of Black Solidarity by Tommie Shelby (Harvard Univ. Press, 2005). Lavelle Porter (p. 17)

Jameson Straight Up. Review of Jameson on Jameson: Conversations on Cultural Marxism, Post-Contemporary Interventions by Frederic Jameson and Ian Buchanan (Duke Univ. Press, 2007). Sean Grattan (p. 20)

“Yes, You Can Say No, But the World Will Have to Go.” Review of Listen Again: A Momentary History of Pop Music by Eric Weisbard (Duke Univ. Press, 2007). Alison Powell (p. 21)

What’s Happening to America?

The End of the “End of America.” Mark Engler (p. 23)

Lessons from The Bronx. Noah Mackert (p. 23)

Where Do We Go From Here? Grace Lee Boggs and Scott Kurashige (p. 24)

Art Review (p. 26)

Enchanting the Modern. Review of Gino De Dominicis at PS1. Natasha Kurchanova.

Music Reviews (p. 28)

Composers and Conversation. Reviews of “The Sleeper,” “Vox Balaenae,” and “Voices from the Morning of the Earth” by George Crumb, performed at Carnegie Hall; and Works by Charles Wuorien at the Guggenheim. Naomi Perley.

Theater Reviews (p. 29)

Anthems for Doomed Youth. Reviews of “Surrender,” conceived and directed by Josh Fox, written by Josh Fox and Jason Christopher Hartley; and “Black Watch,” written by Gregory Burke and directed by John Tiffany. Frank Episale.

Film Reviews (p. 30)

From Paris to New York. Reviews of “Entre les Murs [The Class]” directed by Laurent Cantet; and “Synedoche, New York,” directed by Charles Kaufman. [Nicole] Wallenbrock.

News from the Doctoral Students’ Council (p. 31)

DSC Halloween! [photographs]

More DSC Party Times Ahead

Reps Needed

The Back Page (p. 32)

Advocate Editor James “Jimmy” Hoff(a) Prevents Starving Writers from Organizing. Matt Lau.

Ask Harriet: I Just Want Someone to Be Bored With. Harriet Zanzibar.

Announcements / Advertisements

Don’t Submit. Contribute. The Advocate (p. 2)

Pronto Pizza (p. 10)

AK Press (p. 19)

The True Story of the ‘60s Radical at the Center of the Right Wing’s 2008 Obama Smear Campaign. Featuring Fugitive Days by Bill Ayers (Beacon Press); also by Bill Ayers: A Kind and Just Parent; and Teaching Toward Freedom (p. 27)



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