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Fall 2014




Fall No. 3



From The Editor’s Desk: In Support of Violence (p. 3)

CUNY News in Brief: CUNY Goes Corporate; Trustees Say Silence Implies Guilt (p. 5)

Guest Editorial: Shaking The Heavens in Ferguson, Amy Goodman (p. 8)

In Memoriam: Remembering Leslie Feinberg: Letters from Two Activist-Scholar Queer-Femmes, Jennifer Polish and Leilani Dowell (p. 9)

In Conversation: Confronting Institutional Racism: Steven Salaita on Academic Freedom, BDS, and the Colonial Logic of the Neoliberal University, Rayya El Zein, Gordon Barnes, and Melissa Marturano (p. 11)

Edifying Debate: Palestine, Israel, and the Responsibility of Scholarship: Against Absolute Boycotts, Towards a Politics of Ambiguity, Hillel Broder (p. 17)

Featured Articles:

- Ya Nos Cansamos, We Are Tired: The Story of the Ayotzinapa Protests from Those on the Ground, Russell Weiss-Irwin (p. 22)

- Pieces to a New System: Participatory Budgeting and Worker Cooperatives, Alexander Kolokotronis (p. 26)

- Beyond a Neurological Disorder: Helping Children with Autism and Their Siblings, Emily A. Jones, Nicole Neil, and Daniel M. Fienup (p. 32)

- In Defense of Robots: Why Advances in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Do Not Pose a Risk in and of Themselves, Greg Olmschenk (p. 35)

Event Review: Racial Capitalism and the Black Radical Tradition, Nadejda Webb (p. 39)

Book Reviews:

- When Theft Is a Public Service, Rhone Fraser (p. 42)

- Slavery, Intimacy, And Recrafting History, Kristina Huang (p. 45)

From the Doctoral Students’ Council: December Bulletin From The DSC (p. 47)

The Back Page:

- Mind Games, Maryam Ghaffari Saadat

- Ph.D. Comics, Jorge Cham



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