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Front Page

CUNY Chancellor Will Resign (p. 1)

Committee for Cultural Studies Plans Doctoral Program: Student Involvement Encouraged (p. 1)

A Veiled Affair. Binita Mehta (p. 1)

Table of Contents (p. 1)

Around and About The Center

The Doctoral Students’ Council: A Report (p. 2)

Illustration: Post-Modernism (p. 2)

Enhancement Funds for Students with Disabilities (p. 2)

Photograph: International Students Association (p. 2)

Announcement: Hot Dates (p. 2)

In Search of the Missing Rib. Ed Marx (p. 3)

Dear Mr. Update (p. 3)

More Rooms Available in West Hall (p. 3)

Advertisement: Graduate Student Advocate (p. 3)

Masthead (p. 4)

Editorials & Letters

Voted In or Out of Business? (p. 4)

DSC Committee Members & The Advocate (p. 4)

Dear Editors. Jack Flam (p. 4)

Dueling Derridas: Shots in the Dark. Gary Paul Gilbert (p. 5)

Devil’s Food Advocate. Gale Messinger (p. 5)

Dear Editors. Not Amused (p. 5)

Reflections & Commentary

Democratize the DSC. Thomas Smith (p. 5)

CUNY Abortion-Rights Activists Rally for Women’s Lives (p. 6)

Mobilize Now. Jonathan Hager (p. 6)

Unified Diversity for Pro-Choice. Maria J. Rivera and Margaret Logreira (p. 6)

Photograph: Janet Baus (p. 6)


Why We Can’t Write About Home. Manjula Giri (p.7)

A Short Stay in Beijing. A Chinese Student (p.7)

Advertisement: Apple Computer (p. 8)

Arts & Events

Between Subversion and Convention. Christine Hutchins (p. 9)

A Day Without Art. Chrystel Hollevoet (p. 9)

Student Exhibits Paintings (p. 9)

Announcement: First Readings: Plays by Michael Glassman, Karen Pincus & Vinny Tirelli (p. 9)

Advertisement: IBM (p. 10)

Announcement: The Minority Students Association (p. 11)

The Advocate Quotation Competition (p. 11)

Advertisement: Graduate School merchandise (p. 12)

Advertisement: Restaurant Associates (p. 12)

Announcement: West Hall Additional Rooms (p. 12)

Advertisement: Lotfi’s Couscous (p. 12)



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